100% Mulberry Silk Interior -
 - Hand Sewn 
- Natural, Clean (no dust mites)
Luxuriously Comfortable Duvets

"The duvet has arrived and oh my! It is absolutely fantastic! Very impressed."

Laura Huggins
Bath, UK

The most comfortable and most luxurious night's sleep ever... Every night... Waking up bright, refreshed and invigorated... Mulberry Silk-Filled Duvets simply cannot be beaten... Try them and you will know too!
Silk Bedding Direct are global specialists in mulberry silk-filled duvets for the high-end market yet provide them at mid-range prices.

Due to our dedicated focus you can be assured of the very highest standard of duvets and value for money.  We believe we offer the best value on the market for mulberry silk-filled duvets.

Worldwide delivery, clear pricing, excellent customer service, most orders shipped same or next day.
The Very Best Mulberry Silk, care for detail and hand finishing provide our customers with superior mulberry silk-filled duvets. Proud to provide the best luxury duvets money can buy.

Completely filled with 100% natural long strand mulberry silk, hand-stretched and then loop sewn by hand through a luxurious 300 thread count cotton sateen casing - we never machine "Pattern" or "Diamond" sew as this can crush the silk interior resulting in an uneven warmth. 

Nobody regrets changing their bedding to our mulberry silk-filled duvet!  Sleep well...

Mulberry Silk-Filled Duvets
   The Secret is the Silk Inside...

"The duvet arrived yesterday and I slept under it last night. It is just like you say on your website, it drapes snugly around you and is so comfortable and warm. At first I wasn't sure about buying one but now I'm really pleased that I did."
Bath, UK

"I had never heard of duvets filled with silk before, a friend recommended them and I am so grateful she did, really wonderful. Even my husband noticed the difference, and that's saying something!"
Mrs. Thorpe
Spalding, UK

"You people are right, your silk filled duvet is the best bedding I've slept in, never will change back."
Amsterdam, Netherlands

"My son has asthma so I ordered one of your duvets, now it's arrived I'm ordering a double for our bed too! You can use my comments to tell others, I can't recommend your duvets highly enough, so soft, light and natural too."
London, UK

"I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my silk duvet, it's so so warm and comfortable yet so light, thank you."
Winnipeg, Canada

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