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Silk duvet, sometimes called a silk quilt or silk comforter

A duvet consists of two parts, the inner part which provides the warmth and an outer duvet casing that holds everything together. The entire duvet is then usually inserted into a washable cover, sometimes called a duvet jacket but more usually a duvet cover.

In various parts of the world a duvet is know by several different names, including, quilt, continental quilt, comforter, puff, eiderdown or downie (these are specifically duvets with a filling of Eider duck feathers/down), doona or duna (Australia) and ralli quilts or razai (India and Pakistan). One difference between eiderdowns and comforters, and duvets, is that eiderdowns and comforters are usually used on top of a sheet and a blanket (under which the person sleeps), whereas a duvet is used on its own, the sleeper being directly under the duvet. Sometimes, particularly in colder climates, another duvet may be used underneath the sleeping person (ie, directly on top of the mattress) to provide extra warmth and comfort.

Originally the filling for duvets was most probably feathers from various types of birds. Indeed the term “duvet” originates from the French language, and in old French “duvet” meant “feathers from young birds”. However, duvets only started to be used in France (and the remainder of northern Europe) in the 17th Century, and it is well known that duvets were being used in China thousands of years before then, generally with a silk filling. It is unclear whether the use of duvets arose independently in Europe or that the idea was transported from China but a different filling used.


The filling for duvets vary and can be, down, feathers, cotton, wool, silk (either tussah, mulberry or a mix), synthetic fibres such as polyester or a polyester mix (generally polyester and cotton, sometimes polyester and silk). There's a large difference in the quality of duvets depending upon the filling used and quality of workmanship, prices therefore vary over a wide range too. The cheapest are mass produced with a synthetic fill, whilst the most expensive will generally be filled with the finest down or very high quality silk, and for exceptional luxury may be hand-finished. If you are looking for hypoallergenic duvets mulberry silk-filled duvets are the best buy.

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To choose between the high end luxury duvets it is good to consider the all the benefits. Being luxury duvets both high quality down and high quality silk are extremely comfortable, as one would expect. However, silk, provided it is mulberry silk, does have several additional benefits over down. The first benefit is that it is hypoallergenic, so bed bugs and microscopic life do not live in silk, whereas down does contain this type of life, which can be unpleasant if the user suffers from asthma or has any allergies. The second benefit is that over time the ends of the small down feathers begin to stick through the duvet casing and covet and can become irritating to the user.

Also, a silk duvet regulates a person's temperature over a wider range compared to down and does not degenerate over time like down and so will last (more or less as new) for a longer period than down. A good quality mulberry silk-filled duvet should last at least 10 – 15 years, often even 20 years and still be very comfortable to sleep under and with everything still intact. All they need is airing once or twice a year on a sunny day to keep them fresh. Silk-filled duvets available to buy from Silk Bedding Direct include these sizes - cot bed duvet, single duvet, double duvet, king size duvet and super king size duvets.

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