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Silk is a natural product, which was most probably discovered in China around 3,000BC. The filament is produced by the larvae of the silk moth , which, when spun into fabric, is soft and has a lustrous shimmer. It has always been associated with luxury and opulence and used for expensive lingerie, sumptuous ball gowns, warm, comfy duvets and magnificent home furnishings. However, because of its strength and flexibility, silk is also used in other ways, some of them rather surprising. .

The natural protein fibres produced by silkworms are being processed with enzymes and other materials to create amazing new materials for use in different branches of medicine. Silk sutures are increasingly used by doctors because of their strength and compatibility with human tissue. They are also biodegradable, which means that the suture breaks down easily, inside or outside the body, and the wound heals more quickly.

Also, trials are being performed to create narrow tubes which can be used to replace clogged arteries during a coronary bypass operation. This precludes the need to take a vein from the patient`s leg, thus making the operation less stressful on the body.

Silk is produced by a variety of creatures, all producing silk with differing qualities. Current trials include work with silk from spiders and bees as well as silk produced by the silk moth. Medical researchers can use the different types of silk according to the qualities they wish to exploit.

In recent years the medical profession has found many ways in which silk is superior to previously used materials. For instance, a badly broken bone may need repairing by the use of a metal pin and plate, which hold the broken parts of the bone together in order that they heal in the correct position. Metal is stiff and harsh and can cause stress to the bone so that the wound may become infected or be slow to heal. Sometimes these metal devices need to be removed after the bone has healed, necessitating more surgery. Pins and plates made from silk are pliable and biodegradable and promote healing.

Many new ways of using silk for medical procedures are on the horizon and researchers are attempting to develop brain implants, optical devices, cell scaffolding and adhesive gels all based on this amazing material.

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