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Nothing could be more luxurious, or more sensuous, than the feel of pure silk sheets on your bed. Silk is an ideal fabric for use as bed linen because it is so soft and drapes so easily round the body.

It is also ideal because of its many comfort and health benefits of silk bedding, but to obtain these benefits it must be the finest long thread mulberry silk that is chosen. This is silk that is obtained from the cocoons of captive silk worms that have been fed entirely on mulberry leaves. This type of silk is so pure that it can be used in its natural state. No chemicals are ever used as this would destroy those benefits. Some bed linen is made from wild, or Tussah silk. Because it derives from wild silk worms, which have eaten whatever they came across, Tussah silk needs to be cleaned with chemicals before use.

Habotai silk sheets Mulberry silk is completely hypoallergenic, in fact it is the very best fibre for making hypoallergenic duvets, so no bed bugs or dust mites can exist in it. For producing silk sheets one of 2 types of mulberry silk are used, either Habotai or Charmeuse, Habotai having more of a matt finish as compared to Charmeuse. As this is hypoallergenic bedding it is excellent news for all those people who suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases as they will be able to sleep soundly in the knowledge that there is nothing that will irritate their lungs or cause them to cough. They will be able to sleep well. It is also excellent news for the rest of us too, as we, also, wish to breathe clean air. After all, we do spend about a third of our lives in bed.

Because of the softness of silk it is also very comfortable for people suffering from sensitive skin, caused either by chemotherapy or from skin complaints, and it's possible to purchase complete silk-filled bedding sets.

Many people have the idea that silk is too flimsy to use as bed linen, but this is certainly not so. Silk is the strongest natural fibre available. It was used for parachutes before nylon was invented. The silk is just woven as a stronger, heavier weight fabric than that to be used for lingerie or blouses. A higher momme rating means a thicker stronger sheet but all silk sheets are very durable as well as comfortable. Momme is a method used to demonstrate the weight of silk sheets but is expressed in mm thickness. A momme rating of 216mm – 21mm is the norm for silk sheets (generally the higher the momme rating the more expensive the sheets). Silk is also completely washable with a little care. Using cold water and a gentle cycle with silk-friendly detergent, the bed linen will last for many years.


Mulberry silk sheets may cost a little more (both Habotai and Charmeuse) than bedding made from other fibres, but the benefits they bring make them worth every penny. When you lie between your luxurious silk sheets you will feel as comfortable as the Chinese Emperors felt, who also slept between silk sheets some five thousand years ago.

Soon you will be able to buy the finest silk sheets through this website.

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"Thank you so much my silk bedding arrived yesterday. Loved the packaging. The pillows, duvet everything felt so soft and lovely to touch. You have been so nice to deal with, will certainly be recommending your products to friends and family."
Buckingham, UK

"I had never heard of duvets filled with silk before, a friend recommended them and I am so grateful she did, really wonderful. Even my husband noticed the difference, and that's saying something!"
Mrs. Thorpe
Spalding, UK

"You people are right, your silk filled duvet is the best bedding I've slept in, never will change back."
Amsterdam, Netherlands

"My son has asthma so I ordered one of your duvets, now it's arrived I'm ordering a double for our bed too! You can use my comments to tell others, I can't recommend your duvets highly enough, so soft, light and natural too."
London, UK

"I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my silk duvet, it's so so warm and comfortable yet so light, thank you."
Winnipeg, Canada

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