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Now also providing top quality long-strand mulberry silk-filled pillows and silk-filled mattress pads too. This high quality silk-filled bedding is produced using a special production process in the case of the mattress pads, and totally clean unadulterated long-strand mulberry silk in the case of the pillows.



Silk is used in many ways, for example its used for beautiful luxury clothes because of its softness and sheen and its natural drape. Items such as dresses, shirts, ties, lingerie and pyjamas can all be made from silk. It is also used in the manufacture of skiing clothes because of its lightness and its ability to contain body heat.

In the home silk can be used for soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions and wall hangings. Fine silk chiffon makes beautiful, light gauzy curtains whilst Matka and Tussa silks add texture and weight, excellent for making luxurious heavy curtains. Sometimes other fibres are added to the silk.

Silk is the strongest natural fibre and is used in many other ways, some of them very surprising. For instance, silk fibres are sometimes still used for making both the fabric and the cords for parachutes. It is also used in the manufacture of bicycle tyres and bullet proof vests and used to be used as insulating material in older type machines. Silk can also be woven into a medium on which to paint and draw.

Silk cocoons laid out on Mulberry leaves Silk fibres have been used world-wide for many years in the medical world. They are specially manufactured to make prosthetic arteries, and sutures to be used in surgery. Silk is ideal for this purpose because its fibres are soft and strong and are easy to tie. As it is made of protein it is compatible with human tissue. Because silk has antibacterial properties it is also made into dressings for wounds or burns.

As for the future, environmentally friendly fishing lines are being developed from silk. `Silk leather` is being developed by making a coating for the steering wheels of luxury cars. It will also be used in video players and watches. Experiments are also being tried into how silk can be used to clean polluted rivers and, in the future, to collect carcinogens and expensive metals in the process.

Silk is an amazing fibre and its uses are still being discovered.

At Silk Bedding Direct we use only the very best silk to produce our extremely comfortable and hypoallergenic pillows, mattress toppers and duvets. Find out more about our top quality mulberry silk-filled duvets by clicking below....

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"Thank you so much my silk bedding arrived yesterday. Loved the packaging. The pillows, duvet everything felt so soft and lovely to touch. You have been so nice to deal with, will certainly be recommending your products to friends and family."
Buckingham, UK

"I had never heard of duvets filled with silk before, a friend recommended them and I am so grateful she did, really wonderful. Even my husband noticed the difference, and that's saying something!"
Mrs. Thorpe
Spalding, UK

"You people are right, your silk filled duvet is the best bedding I've slept in, never will change back."
Amsterdam, Netherlands

"My son has asthma so I ordered one of your duvets, now it's arrived I'm ordering a double for our bed too! You can use my comments to tell others, I can't recommend your duvets highly enough, so soft, light and natural too."
London, UK

"I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my silk duvet, it's so so warm and comfortable yet so light, thank you."
Winnipeg, Canada

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